Thursday, April 11, 2013

Imperialism, World War I, Propaganda and Russian Revolution Test Review

1. Define: direct colony

2. Indirect colony

3. Protectorate

4. Sphere of influence

5. Economic imperialism

6. What type of imperialism was the US policy toward Latin America?

7. What did the Industrial Revolution need from its colonies? (B)

8. define: Social Darwinism- (A/B/C)

9. What happened at the Berlin Conference?

10. Who and where were the Boers?

11. What did Cecil Rhodes want to build across Africa?

12. What two men caused interest in Africa to grow by writing stories about the continent??

13. What technological advances enabled Europeans to colonize Africa?

14. How were Africans affected by World War I?

15. What does the phrase “the sun never sets on the British Empire” mean?(E)

16. What was the effect of the Sepoy Rebellion on British rule in India?(E)

17. Study your imperialism maps of the world and Africa!(D)

World War One(A and F unless otherwise noted)

18. Define: total war

19. Trench warfare

20. Militarism

21. Mobilization

22. Conscription

23. Mandate

24. War of attrition

25. Propaganda

26. What are the 4 causes of World War I?

27. Who killed Frank Ferdinand?

28. What was the Schlieffen Plan?

29. List members of: Triple Alliance

30. List members of: Triple Entente

31. List members of: Allies

32. List members of: Central Powers

33. Describe the type of warfare that characterized the Western Front.

34. Why did Britain declare war on Germany?

35. Significance of battles: First Battle of the Marne

36. Significance of battles: Tannenberg

37. Significance of battles: Gallipoli (A)

38. What new weapons were used in World War I?

39. All Quiet on the Western Front: From whose point of view? (G)

40. Why does Paul NOT want to the kill the soldier in the shell crater? (G)

41. Who was US president during WWI?

42. What caused the US to become angry at Germany in 1915?

43. What caused US entry into the war?

44. Which nation lost a significant proportion of territory in the Treaty of Brest- Litovsk (ending the war)?

(45- 51 are A/F/H)

45. What treaty ended WW I?

46. Who were the “Big Four?”

47. Goals after the war: France

48. Goals after the war: Britain

49. Goals after the war: US

50. Name of Woodrow Wilson’s peace plan

51. Who created a plan for a new world order based on democracy and international cooperation through the League of Nations?

52. Propaganda-Objectives(I)

53. Propaganda-Tools(I)

Russian Revolution: (A and J unless otherwise noted)

54. Trotsky

55. Bolsheviks/communists

56. soviets

57. Duma

58. Bloody Sunday(J)

59. Nicholas II

60. V. I. Lenin

61. pogrom/anti-Semitism/holocaust (A p. 639)

62. Rasputin

63. provisional government (J)

64. communist government (J)

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